The digital heat detection cable from Protectowire™ operates as a switch. Two conductors, covered by heat sensitive insulating Polymer hoses, run parallel inside a cover hose. At a preset temperature, the Polymer hose melts and the two conductors contact. This contact causes the fire alarm system to sound the alarm. The cable is UL/FM approved, it possesses very special characteristics which make it suitable for many various applications. The main advantages are:

  • Disorder and maintenance free (only preventive)
  • UV resistant  
  • Impervious against aggressive environments
  • Flexible – can be installed close to the objects
  • AlarmPointLocation measuring possible
  • Suitable for zone O

One could list more advantages, all of which make this cable suitable for applications where standard monitoring would fail. Additionally, the simple and quick installation results in a very favourable price/quality relation. The cable is used a.o. for the following application: tunnels, conveyor belts, storage,  cooling houses, hangars, cable trays, power stations, gas storage, extraction plants and more .

Below you will find more information about the cable and the various possibilities. Do not hesitate to ask our advice when choosing the correct cable with reference to the object that needs to be protected. You can reach our sales department under telephone number +31 88 9112 112.