High Expansion Foam Generator (outside air)

Extremely effective and using only a small quantity of water, high expansion foam is the preferred extinguishing agent for putting out fires in closed (storage) spaces. Filling a space with extinguishing foam with an expansion ratio of approximately 800 to 1 encapsulates the free air needed for sustaining a fire in a huge multitude of bubbles. As a result, the fire is effectively suffocated. An insulating blanket of foam also reduces heat radiation, prevents the formation of a combustible mixture of flammable vapours and disrupts air circulation.

Innovative Hi-Ex solution

InnoVfoam has developed a “plug-and-play” high expansion foam generator that works on the basis of the “outside air” principle. The generator is fitted with its own air fan so that an external power supply is not required. 

Advantages of the high expansion foam generator

  • The main advantage of using an “outside air” high expansion foam generator over a system that works with “inside air” is that the foam can be used to combat virtually all classes of fire. The reason for this is that the forming of the extinguishing foam is not affected by fumes from the fire.
  • The use of a high expansion foam generator with an air fan also guarantees that there is still sufficient air circulation to generate the required quantity of foam even when there are strong thermal currents inside or powerful winds outside the space.


The InnoVfoam high expansion foam generator was developed and has been tested according to EN-13565, EN-1568-2 and CE marking requirements. The generator was also designed to comply with NFPA 11 regulations. 

Download the brochure for the high expansion foam generator here