Unique foam test!

Monday 08 September 2014

Recently the InnoVfoam R&D crew tested the new developed high expansion foam generator with large capacity. The test was performed to test conformity according to the European Standard EN 13565.

For the purpose of this large scale test a tub was built on the InnoVfoam site and served for collecting the large amount of high expansion foam that was produced by the generator. The generator showed an amazing operation, whereby both the fluid pressure and the liquid flow where relatively low. Meanwhile, the generator has been given a definite form and is supplied with pneumatically closing air inlet and pneumatically opening air outlet.

For information: the foam concentrate proportioning of Solberg high expansion foam in 3% took place by means of the new, by the InnoVfoam R&D department developed and protected, CanDos foam proportioning system. We will inform you about this revolutionary system in the near future.