Transport Hi-Ex generators

Friday 18 September 2015

On September 11th, the first batch of a total of 18 HiEx-600 foam generators has been transported. The generators are used to protect a large logistics warehouse that stores hazardous materials in Hamburg, Germany.  Besides you will find a few photos of the transport. The generators were to be transported in a so called mega trailer with a height of 3.00 meters. The height of a normal trailer is only 2.40 meters and with a height of 2.65 meters, the generators could only be transported by the use of a mega trailer.

Meanwhile, the second batch has also been transported to Hamburg. Directly after delivery the generators were mounted on the roof of the logistics center. Further installation will be executed under the supervision of two InnoVfoam engineers shortly.

The Hi-Ex600 provides a High Expansion Foam with 800 expansion, using HiEx foam concentrate from supplier Solberg.

The high expansion foam generator is designed in such a way that an extremely simple installation in square roof openings is possible. A huge advantage is achieved in comparison to the conventional type of generators. Moreover, the integrated covers make extra investment in this feature redundant.