Successful high expansion outside air foam test!

Monday 05 January 2015

The by InnoVfoam supplied high expansion outside air foam system for the new logistics center of Kühne & Nagel in Tiel (NL) has been tested successfully. Special about this ‘fail safe’ high expansion outside air system is the application of a by InnoVfoam newly developed high expansion foam generator which is tested according the NEN-13565-1 standard.

The high expansion foam generator, type HiEx 600, is equipped with pneumatically operated hatches. The only construction feature needed in the hazard area is a square roof opening. The high expansion foam generator HiEx600 can be mounted in this roof opening. The generator will only reach 400mm of intrusion on the inner roof side of the area. The generator enters the hazard area very slightly. Therefore it does not create an obstruction for the storage activities within the area. The supply of the foam/water solution is completely inside the generator and building. This makes installation of the generator very easy.

In comparison to other hi-ex outside or inside air systems the assembly of the InnoVfoam high expansion outside air generator is very easy. Thus, significant cost savings can be achieved.

The housing of the HiEx600 is completely thermally isolated, therefore no heat loss or condensation problems occur. In conjunction with the HiEx 600 generator InnoVfoam developed a pressure relief system, which compensates for the excessive pressure inside the building generator by an active foam generator. This unit is also very easy to install, so significant advantages could be achieved.

InnoVfoam achieved the following objectiveswhile developing the HiEx 600 foam generator:

  • Development of a high expansion outside air foam generator developed by a Dutch manufacturer with affordable components.
  • A reliable and failsafe firefighting system
  • High efficiency because of improved expansion ratio
  • More storage space in the hazard area
  • Easy assembly
  • Savings on engineering and installation costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Meets European standards
  • Suitable for protection of spray cans storage according to ‘technical bulletin 78’

A fail safe outside air high expansion foam system does not provide any restrictions other than mentioned in the standard (NFPA 11). Also, no extra correction factor is needed for foam destruction due to the recirculation of ‘dirty’ air, as is necessary when using an inside air foam system. An Outside Air high expansion foam system provides security for the invested capital!