Live Tests Eurotank!

Thursday 30 April 2015

As mentioned earlier, InnoVfoam recently executed the commissioning of a new firefighting system the Eurotank tankterminal in Amsterdam at two different locations.

First priority was the installed system at the location ‘Jan van Riebeeckhavenweg’. For this location, InnoVfoam supplied two FWM-6-EX firefighting monitors. These monitors are designed and built according to ATEX regulations. The ATEX product certification was executed by TüV. With this adaption, InnoVfoam is making a lot of progression in the development of her firefighting monitors. The foam proportioning of this installation is applied with the use of Matre Maskin proportioners. These self-suction proportioners assure a very reliable proportioning rate, by means of a Venturi principle.

After the successful commissioning of the firefighting system at the ‘Jan van Riebeeckshavenweg’, at the end of April 2015, it was the turn to commission the system installed at the ‘Benzolweg’.

This system, which is composed out of several medium expansion branchpipes, firefighting monitors and foam skids has been supplied and partly constructed by InnoVfoam. During this life test InnoVfoam got the opportunity to test the reliability of the system by means of a proportioning test while using the installed medium expansion foam branchpipes.

The picture besides shows a part of the system. The two foam pump skids are set up in the pump room and provide the five Matre Balanced Proportioners with foam concentrate. The proportioners are installed in the piping in the field, in its turn providing a decentralized foam proportioning system. Also the controlling system for the firefighting monitors was designed and delivered by InnoVfoam. The control cabinets are set-up outside and are built using a weatherproof Stainless Steel housing. By the usage of joystick the monitors can be controlled individually.

If you would like to receive further information regarding the delivered systems please contact our office.