FAT for compact offshore based foam proportioning skid

Wednesday 25 February 2015

On Monday 23 February InnoVfoam performed a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on a foam proportioning skid. The FAT was executed in the presence of our client Sypack BV.

The skid includes a foam proportioning system which has been assembled in a heated and isolated housing. The skid will be used to protect a helicopter refuelling station on an offshore helideck.

The factory acceptance test is a functional test that InnoVfoam, as one of the few suppliers, performs on all new systems. These tests are executed as a final control to verify whether the system is functioning correctly. The custom made system for Sypack performed according to its design specifications, which resulted in a successful FAT.

Please find below pictures of the proportioning skid and some images that were taken during the FAT.