Details foam proportioning skid for ship Aegir

Thursday 22 May 2014

As described in our previous news item, InnoVfoam supplied a compact proportioning skid for the pipelaying vessel ‘’Aegir’’. In this article we will tell you more about the details and operation of the skid.

A flow capacity of 3.900 l/min will go through the 6”water inlet. The main flow is created by the existing pump on the ship and reduced to a fixed flow by means of an Inbal pressure reducing valve.

In the skid, 3% foam concentrate will be added to the main flow. The foam concentrate is added by means of a ‘’Wide range Balanced Pressure Proportioner'' (MBWP) and an electrically driven foam concentrate pump (for moving foam concentrate from the foam tank to the proportioner). The water  + foam concentrate mixture (premix) is streamingthrough the three outlets of the skid which are connected to the 3 electric fire monitors on the helideck.

The skid is built as a completely closed, insulated and heated unit. Shutters on two sides of the skid make the internal part optimal attainable for maintenance and testing.

For further details see the images that are attached to this news item.