Commissioning foam extinguishing system in harbor

Friday 24 April 2015

At the beginning of 2014 InnoVfoam received the assignment for the supply of all foam firefighting components to protect the tanks, tank bunds, jetties and pumping wells at two different locations of the Eurotank terminal in Amsterdam. InnoVfoam anticipated the wishes of Eurotank to realize a totally new foam firefighting system to protect all available storage tanks and loading bays. In the begin of 2015 the new foam firefighting system was tested and commissioned by InnoVfoam B.V.

The remote operated firefighting monitors were tested on functionality in the presence of the client, the firefighting brigade, the contractor and the Amsterdam municipality. The seven ATEX approved fire monitors, with a capacity of 6.000 LPM each, provided an excellent performance and proved that they are able of extinguishing a marine fire or a process fire.

Besides the fire monitors InnoVfoam also supplied two stainless steel control cabinets, two foam pump systems, many foam proportioners and foam makers to secure the storage tanks, and a large stock of firefighting foam.

The specifications, which were drawn by Provi’save, formed the basis for the firefighting system. Visser & Smit Hanab was the contractor of the project.

Meanwhile, the installation of the system is completed and the InnoVfoam technicians have executed two successful commissionings. Below you can find some pictures of the project.