Commissioning bladdertanksystem at Univar

Monday 29 June 2015

Last month a new proportioning system was commissioned by the InnoVfoam technicians at tank storage company ‘Univar’ in Zwijndrecht (the Netherlands). This time it concerned the protection of three storage tanks filled with acetic and the bund in which the tanks are installed.

InnoVfoam realized proportioning by means of a bladdertank system. This extremely reliable system combined with a Matre proportioned ensures that the 3% proportioning rate is achieved at several flows (also in the low range).  

In order to get the water and foam mixture in the right way into the tank, InnoVfoam uses the so called ITFG generator. This generator is equipped with a test connection which can simulate a real life situation. Please find besides a photo of the expanded foam concentrate during the commissioning. In this case the ITFG is already installed in the right position, the test connection makes sure that the foam doesn’t go into the tank but is drained.

To also protect the bund in case of calamity, InnoVfoam has chosen eight medium expansion foam branchpipes. The branchpipes have the capacity to fill the bund with foam within a very short period of time. To activate the systems InnoVfoam supplied a Protectowire line detection system. The line detector is very suitable for reliable fire detection in outdoor circumstances like petrochemical plants.