InnoVfoam digitises reporting system

Wednesday 05 April 2017

We are proud to announce that InnoVfoam started working with a digital reporting system on 1 March 2017. With the custom-written software, InnoVfoam has made a giant leap forward in efficiently processing test, inspection and maintenance reports. The new development also enables InnoVfoam to comply with the strict requirements for acting as a CCV certified maintenance company for stationary foam-based fire extinguishing systems (SFES).
With the new system, reports can be generated and delivered to customers within 24 hours.

New software system implementation

With the objective of professionalising our service and maintenance procedures, our colleagues Nick Jonker and Stefan Koekebakker started looking for software that would meet our wishes and requirements. Work on implementing the new system started in 2016. In order to integrate foam extinguishing systems fully in the maintenance software to a component level, Stefan has spent a considerable amount of time on the road preparing a comprehensive inventory of all the units that InnoVfoam has ever supplied or worked on. If you have an extinguishing system that was supplied by or is maintained by InnoVfoam as a subcontractor, you can expect a visit from Stefan in the near future.

How the system works

All our service technicians use an IPad on which inspection, test and maintenance checklists for each specific section of a foam extinguishing system have to be filled in precisely. Any faults or focus points related to the system are noted directly, photographed and included in the report.

The (end) customer can sign off the work carried out by the InnoVfoam technician after completion directly on the IPad. After connecting to our server, the reports can be uploaded and sent to the customer within 24 hours. Any follow-up maintenance tasks that may be required can also be initiated straight away.

Maintenance sticker

As of 2017, special maintenance stickers that can be attached to specific components are being used to show clearly that InnoVfoam has actually carried out maintenance on an extinguishing system in a given year. Keep an eye on the sticker so you know when your system requires servicing.



The advantages of the new system are summarised below:

  • Customer reports generated within 24 hours.
  • Reports supplied as a clearly structured PDF document.
  • Customers will be able to complete the paperwork more efficiently.
  • InnoVfoam is familiar with all the components that have to be maintained and the new maintenance sticker clearly shows when InnoVfoam last checked and serviced them.
  • Precise monitoring of the 1-year and 3-year tests required under Technical Bulletin No. 64.
  • Historical data and test results for systems are always available.
  • Foam concentrate analysis results are kept up to date and are always available.
  • If any faults are discovered, InnoVfoam can provide follow-up maintenance services even faster.
  • The maintenance process is comprehensive; all components receive attention, which means the reliability of extinguishing systems can be guaranteed.
  • InnoVfoam has laid the foundation for being able to issue product certificates as an authorised maintenance company.

If you would like to receive more information about the new software system, please contact Nick Jonker at +31 88 9112 112 or send a mail to