First commissioning tests at hangar complex Malta

Tuesday 06 December 2016

Following on from the Factory Acceptance Test last October, InnoVfoam has been to the hangar complex at Malta International Airport several times in the past few weeks. The most recent visit was to check up on how the installation work is progressing and to test the extinguishing monitors with water in a live situation.

The embedded video fragment shows one of the fire monitors operating correctly. During this test, the system pressure was set to 10 bar and a throw length of approximately 70 metres was achieved.

In connection with the work taking place in the hangar, the extinguishing monitors had to be aimed outside away from the buildings before the tests could be permitted to be carried out.

The camera system, which will enable targeted extinguishing of a hotspot, will be live tested in the beginning of 2017. We will keep you informed of our progress.