FAT Container extinguishing system for Vopak

Thursday 25 February 2016

In recent months, InnoVfoam engineers have been working on a stand-alone fire extinguishing system assembled in two 10-ft containers. The successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), which was attended by the customer, took place at InnoVfoam's production location at the end of February.

The container systems will be delivered complete with extinguishing monitors, foam tanks and inline proportioners. It will be used for fire protection in the transhipment of flammable liquids and will be installed on various port quays.

InnoVfoam's customer - the Vopak Terminal in Antwerp - was so pleased with an identical system delivered in 2015 that it ordered another one.

During the FAT, the full functionality of the system was tested. The system operates with a total flow of 6,000 litres and has a spraying range of approximately 60 meter. It can also be operated remotely by radio control. This function means that the system can always be operated safely and efficiently, and deployed immediately in an emergency.  

A number of photos of the FAT are attached. The system is expected to be put into operation on site before the summer.