Easy and effective: the InnoVfoam CAFS

Friday 24 February 2017

Unlike other suppliers, InnoVfoam BV is pleased to offer clients a Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) that does not involve the use of any expensive or complicated parts. The InnoVfoam CAFS is easy, reliable and affordable.

How the CAFS works

The CAFS injects compressed air into a foam solution, creating a very efficient extinguishing foam (whipped-cream shaped). A demonstration - involving the use of a standard InnoVfoam extinguishing monitor and the spraying of foam (produced by a CAFS) onto a steel wall - has proved that the CAFS is the ideal tool for anyone wanting to achieve a stable, protective foam layer.

Use of the CAFS

The CAFS is primarily intended to protect against heat radiation from vertical surfaces. Its limited flow capacity in comparison with a 'normal' low expansion foam makes it less suitable for the fast coverage of horizontal liquid surfaces. Given the high stability of CAFS foam, it has a limited penetration power when sprayed onto solid materials.

When used as part of a mobile system, InnoVfoam is able to supply CAFS solutions that feature extinguishing monitors, as shown on the photos below.      

More information

Our employees will be pleased to advise you in detail on where a CAFS could be used and also about how a standard sprinkler system can easily be adapted for use with a CAFS. If you would like advice on any of the above, please contact our Sales Department on +31 (0)88 9112 112 or by e-mail at sales@innovfoam.com