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InnoVfoam fire monitors installed in hangar Norwegian airlines!
30.01.15InnoVfoam fire monitors installed in hangar Norwegian airlines!Incendium AB recently installed InnoVfoam fire monitors in a hangar from! The photo attached shows one of the electrically operated fire monitors in the aircraft hangar of Norwegian at...læs mere
InnoVfoam supplied foam firefighting skids for shipyard in Spain
19.01.15InnoVfoam supplied foam firefighting skids for shipyard in SpainAfter performing a successful factory acceptance test, InnoVfoam has sent two foam firefighting skids to shipyard Lanaval in Bilbao, Spain. The first skid includes a foam tank with a  foam pump,...læs mere
Successful FAT foam extinguishing system
10.10.14Successful FAT foam extinguishing systemOn Thursday October 2nd InnoVfoam organized another extensive Factory Acceptance Test. The fully assembled InnovDos system was tested and approved. An inspection of the supplied components also...læs mere
InnoVfoam switches to drawing program SolidWorks
03.10.14InnoVfoam switches to drawing program SolidWorksAfter having worked with the 2D drawing program AutoCad for many years, InnoVfoam recently switched to the 3D drawing program SolidWorks. The reason for this switch is the increasing demand for 3D...læs mere
InnoVfoam service & maintenance
22.09.14InnoVfoam service & maintenanceThe InnoVfoam service department, led by manager Ron Castricum, has developed itself to a reliable partner of many clients, both installers and end-users. Marijke Wittenberg, our service coordinator...læs mere
Helideck in Essen (Germany) ready to use!
15.09.14Helideck in Essen (Germany) ready to use!InnoVfoam engineers recently commissioned the foam fire suppression system at the helideck of the hospital in Essen, Germany. InnoVfoam supplied, in order from helideck manufacturer Bitschnau from...læs mere
Unique foam test!
08.09.14Unique foam test!Recently the InnoVfoam R&D crew tested the new developed high expansion foam generator with large capacity. The test was performed to test conformity according to the European Standard EN...læs mere
InnoVfoam develops super foam generator!
01.09.14InnoVfoam develops super foam generator!The R&D department led by Randy Mantoua has developed a complete new high expansion foam generator. Requests from the market for a generator with a better performance and a more favorable pricing...læs mere