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Live Tests Eurotank!
30.04.15Live Tests Eurotank!As mentioned earlier, InnoVfoam recently executed the commissioning of a new firefighting system the Eurotank tankterminal in Amsterdam at two different locations. First priority was the installed...læs mere
Commissioning foam extinguishing system in harbor
24.04.15Commissioning foam extinguishing system in harborAt the beginning of 2014 InnoVfoam received the assignment for the supply of all foam firefighting components to protect the tanks, tank bunds, jetties and pumping wells at two different locations of...læs mere
Design in 3D with SolidWorks
15.04.15Design in 3D with SolidWorksSince InnoVfoam started designing their systems using the engineering software SolidWorks, there has been made major progress in custom engineering solutions for foam firefighting systems.  Now...læs mere
InnoVfoam protects night club Tresor in Berlin
18.03.15InnoVfoam protects night club Tresor in BerlinOn 20 February 2015 InnoVfoam GmbH successfully commissioned the firefighting installation for night club Tresor in Berlin. Tresor is a former power plant in district ‘Mitte’ in Berlin and...læs mere
InnoVfoam supplies DIFFS for helideck superyacht
10.03.15InnoVfoam supplies DIFFS for helideck superyacht Recently InnoVfoam commissioned a Deck Integrated Foam Firefighting System (DIFFS) for the helideck on one of the largest superyachts in the Netherlands. The superyacht is built by shipbuilder Royal...læs mere
Fire monitor system on firefighting vessel
02.03.15Fire monitor system on firefighting vessel InnoVfoam recently supplied two fifi firefighting monitors, one FWM-6 electrically operated firefighting monitor and a monitor control cabinet with remote control panel which is incorporated in the...læs mere
FAT for compact offshore based foam proportioning skid
25.02.15FAT for compact offshore based foam proportioning skidOn Monday 23 February InnoVfoam performed a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on a foam proportioning skid. The FAT was executed in the presence of our client Sypack BV. The skid includes a foam...læs mere
InnoVfoam supplies InnovDos system in 40ft container
03.02.15InnoVfoam supplies InnovDos system in 40ft containerOver the past few years InnoVfoam has designed and supplied more and more complete firefighting solutions. In many cases it concerns fully assembled systems. By using experiences from the past,...læs mere