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FAT Statoil
25.09.15FAT StatoilOn Wednesday 16 September 2015 a Danish delegation visited InnoVfoam B.V. to attend the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the firefighting system that InnoVfoam developed for...læs mere
Transport Hi-Ex generators
18.09.15Transport Hi-Ex generatorsOn September 11th, the first batch of a total of 18 HiEx-600 foam generators has been transported. The generators are used to protect a large logistics warehouse that stores hazardous materials in...læs mere
Firefighting system on trailer
14.09.15Firefighting system on trailerSince several weeks InnoVfoam has been working on the construction of a new firefighting system mounted on a trailer. This system is produced for usage at the NAM, (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij,...læs mere
Work in progress: TESO ferry construction
03.08.15Work in progress: TESO ferry construction InnoVfoam is responsible for the firefighting installation in the new TESO ferry that is currently being constructed. The fire detection system is also supplied by InnoVfoam. By using the so called...læs mere
Video: InnoVfoam service team in Germany
27.07.15Video: InnoVfoam service team in GermanyInnoVfoam disposes of an experienced service and maintenance department which has grown rapidly the last few years. This results in the fact that we areable to meet the needs in the market. Also in...læs mere
Besøg os på messen I Arena Nord, Frederikshavn
27.07.15Besøg os på messen I Arena Nord, FrederikshavnBesøg os på messen I Arena Nord, Frederikshavn. I forbindelse med Danske Beredskabschefers årsmøde, udstiller vi på stand nr. 69. På messen vil Du kunne...læs mere
InnoVfoam supplies assembled foam firefighting system
07.07.15InnoVfoam supplies assembled foam firefighting systemThat InnoVfoam is the right partner to go to if you are looking for an assembled firefighting system has been proven again. This time it concerns an assembly of two Albany foam pumps, a MBP-80 Matre...læs mere
Commissioning bladdertanksystem at Univar
29.06.15Commissioning bladdertanksystem at UnivarLast month a new proportioning system was commissioned by the InnoVfoam technicians at tank storage company ‘Univar’ in Zwijndrecht (the Netherlands). This time it concerned the protection...læs mere