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Oxfam Novib Ambassador
01.02.16Oxfam Novib AmbassadorAt InnoVfoam, we think it's important to have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and to do our best to make the world a better place. Oxfam Novib is a charitable organisation that...læs mere
Spectacular commissioning mobile foam firefighting system
22.01.16Spectacular commissioning mobile foam firefighting systemThe official commissioning of the mobile foam extinguishing system supplied by InnoVfoam took place at the fire station in Den Helder at 19.00 on Wednesday, 20 January. The extinguishing system was...læs mere
Successful SAT in Denmark
11.01.16Successful SAT in Denmark At the end of 2015, a FAT was performed on the extinguishing system InnoVfoam developed for Statoil Refinery in Kalundborg, Denmark. All the components have since been installed on site, and a team of...læs mere
Development of CTI Advanced Heat Detector
07.12.15Development of CTI Advanced Heat DetectorAs official distributors of Protectowire Firesystems we are pleased to inform you about the latest developments at Protectowire in the area of linear heat detectors. CTI stands for Confirmed...læs mere
Commissioning in Romania
12.11.15Commissioning in RomaniaIn early November 2015, two InnoVfoam engineers travelled to Romania for the commissioning of the foam extinguishing system at a tank depot in Jilava, near Bucharest in Romania. The plug & play...læs mere
First EN 13565 Hi-Ex foam system in Germany!
27.10.15First EN 13565 Hi-Ex foam system in Germany!On 20 October 2015 InnoVfoam commissioned the Outside Air high expansion foam system for Calanbau GmbH. The system, including foam concentrate, was successfully tested and commissioned in the presence...læs mere
Atex firefighting monitors TüV certified
22.10.15Atex firefighting monitors TüV certified InnoVfoam has supplied fire monitors suitable for use in potentially explosive areas, the so-called Ex-zones, for a long time. The InnoVfoam FWM-EL-EX fire monitors have now also been formally...læs mere
Super compact skid
09.10.15Super compact skidIn recent years, InnoVfoam has increasingly focused on designing and assembling fire suppression systems, which are delivered as a complete skid. These units use a fully assembled, watertight...læs mere