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Delivery Teso ferry “Texelstroom”
20.06.16Delivery Teso ferry “Texelstroom”On Saturday, 18 June 2016, Lanaval shipyard delivered the new “Texelstroom” ferry to Teso in Texel harbour. A delegation from InnoVfoam was invited to attend the festivities. To mark the...læs mere
Optimisation Hi-Ex foam system proved successful
20.05.16Optimisation Hi-Ex foam system proved successfulIn 2014, InnoVfoam started developing a new high expansion foam (Hi-Ex) generator. This led to the installation of new systems at sites in Germany as well as the Netherlands in 2015. With knowledge...læs mere
No C8 or any PFC in Re-Healing Foam!
20.04.16No C8 or any PFC in Re-Healing Foam!InnoVfoam supplies this fully approved fluorine free foam concentrate for any application. The Solberg video besides tells all about the environmental benefits using Fluorine Free Foam...læs mere
InnovDos: simplicity in reliable foam proportioning
05.04.16InnovDos: simplicity in reliable foam proportioningInnoVfoam technicians recently commissioned an InnovDos foam proportioning system at an oil refinery in Southeast Europe. The system will be deployed for the fire protection of two pump installations...læs mere
FAT container system for Hi-Ex
18.03.16FAT container system for Hi-ExInnoVfoam BV has been commissioned by Cofely-Zuid to deliver an "outside air" high expansion foam system for Sita's waste materials depot in Maastricht. A delegation from Cofely and Sita came to...læs mere
Commissioning helideck monitor system
11.03.16Commissioning helideck monitor systemThe official procedure transferring the helideck fire extinguishing system supplied by InnoVfoam for the University Medical Centre (UMC) in Utrecht took place on Thursday, 3 March. In the presence of...læs mere
FAT Container extinguishing system for Vopak
25.02.16FAT Container extinguishing system for VopakIn recent months, InnoVfoam engineers have been working on a stand-alone fire extinguishing system assembled in two 10-ft containers. The successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), which was attended...læs mere
Videos of the NAM's mobile extinguishing system
08.02.16Videos of the NAM's mobile extinguishing systemThe accompanying videos show the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and the commissioning of the mobile foam extinguishing system.  The Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM) purchased the mobile...læs mere