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Factory Acceptance Test for superyacht
19.02.14Factory Acceptance Test for superyacht Commissioned by a Dutch shipyard for superyachts, InnoVfoam supplied the foam suppression system for the helideck of a superyacht. The yacht, with a length of over 100 meters, has on the forward deck...læs mere
Video tank protection project RRP
10.02.14Video tank protection project RRPIn 2013 InnoVfoam supplied several foam extinguishing systems for the tank terminal Rotterdam-Rijn Pijpleiding in Velo. InnoVfoam supplied the foam proportioning systems, the foam makers, foam...læs mere
 Successful tests fluor free foam concentrate: RE-HEALING™ RF3
03.02.14 Successful tests fluor free foam concentrate: RE-HEALING™ RF3De past few years many developments have occurred within Europe about regulations regarding foam concentrates containing fluorosurfactants. Even with the prohibition form the European Union to no...læs mere
Hangar protection Eurofighter Germany
31.01.14Hangar protection Eurofighter GermanyRecently InnoVfoam supplied a fire monitor system to protect a aircraft hangar in Germany. It concerns the hangar where the Eurofighters, the counterpart of the JSF, will be...læs mere
New InnoVfoam fire demonstration
18.12.13New InnoVfoam fire demonstrationInnoVfoam can add another interesting fire demonstration to the list of many demonstrations that are shown during our seminars ‘Firefighting foam and foam systems’. The new demonstration...læs mere
Start Dansale-InnoVfoam ApS in Denmark!
11.12.13Start Dansale-InnoVfoam ApS in Denmark!From 1st January  2014, InnoVfoam expands her activities to Denmark. Dansale Fire Fighting ApS and InnoVfoam BV will together start a new business called 'Dansale-InnoVfoam ApS'. InnoVfoam BV...læs mere
InnoVfoam tests flexible Rimseal detection
02.12.13InnoVfoam tests flexible Rimseal detectionFor two major clients, Shell Refinery in Pernis (NL) and Jacobs / Vopak Oil Thames Harbour in London (UK), InnoVfoam BV provides a dynamic linear heat detection system for many oil storage tanks. The...læs mere